The Gardens Of Somerset

Meet Ashley Kirk, Executive Director of Gardens of Somerset.

We have a really talented and experienced leadership team at Gardens of Somerset. We are excited about the Gardens of Somerset because of the activity and programmatics that we are bringing to the community.

The idea behind the Gardens of Somerset is to create a multigenerational community. Our goal is to take the traditional senior living facility and combine it with the fabric of the community. It’s also a place where people can connect with nature and a place where food is important. The idea is to take some of the programmatic approaches at Moss Mountain Farm and apply them to a new idea – a multigenerational community.

The Gardens of Somerset is rooted deeply in the philosophy that social interaction, food, and the built environment are all very important. Philosophically we believe that the community that we are building has to connect with the larger community around it. We have spent time talking to nearby organizations, such as the University, and garden clubs and they are excited about using our venue as it will be helpful to their organizations and it will bring them into our facility and foster interaction with our residents.

We hope to accomplish a new way of entering into the next stage of life. We have beautiful independent living cottages that look out on a great greensward. We have a pond with a dock for fishing, gardens, orchid rooms, greenhouses, and a small farmette with a spot for poultry and vegetables. The idea is that we are doing something different. We are fully integrating the seniors into the community and into the vitality that the community can bring to what we are doing at the Gardens of Somerset.

Creating real walkable communities where multigenerational communities interact is something that we are very passionate about. Seniors are a great resource of information, and there is so much we can learn from them. We want to create an environment where our seniors have interaction with younger people and are able to connect in a real way and learn from one another.

When designing the cottages, it was important to us for them to feel like home. They are designed with high ceilings and lots of windows for natural light. They are designed in a way to make connecting with other residences and participating in some of the programs very easy. They are also ‘lock and leave’, so if a couple decides to leave and go on a trip, they can just lock up and leave. They can also participate in the food plan and all of the different services that come from the main facility – such as laundry and care.

While we can’t bring Moss Mountain Farm to the Gardens of Somerset, we can bring elements from the farm to provide residents with activities to do.

There are key amenities that families look for when helping a loved one find a residential community. Aesthetics and what the community offers are very important but just as important is a talented, trained, and caring staff.

P. Allen Smith and his partners have designed a premier Continuing Care Retirement Community destined to be the benchmark for other communities. Situated next to Somerset Park, the Gardens of Somerset will promote a multi-generational living environment supported by extraordinary outdoor spaces.

By having activities at Gardens of Somerset, it allows family members to visit their loved ones in the community and truly engage with them. This allows for grandchildren to create memories with their grandparents that will last a lifetime.

Imagine a community that offers you an exceptional lifestyle both indoors and out! From the extensive gardens and walking paths to a community designed to engage and inspire, the Gardens of Somerset is poised to create a sense of family and community.

By engaging the local community, nature, the garden and developing sensory enhancing environments, we can vastly improve the quality of life and health of our residents.

The Gardens of Somerset offers walking trails and gardens for residents and their families to explore and enjoy.

We want to carry the spirit of Louisiana into the facility of the Gardens of Somerset. The big driving force behind the Garden of Somerset is the idea of farm to table, and bringing generations together through that by showing the process of farm to table, and enjoying that experience together.

The Gardens of Somerset has over 13 acres of chicken houses, greenhouses, and other outdoor activities that help to bring the community together all while still practicing social distancing. Rodney Thomason explains why he is passionate about the Gardens of Somerset, and how it helps to engage and encourage the community into spending time together and outdoors.